Secure payments by check

Non-payment of a check may result from an opposition related to loss or theft, account closure or prohibited banking, the absence or insufficient funds on the account (check wood) or a forgery. According to the Bank of France, a little over a mile on check was rejected in 2006, which represents five million shares outstanding.


Check rejected: What to do?

If payment has not been made within 30 days, ask the bank to check the origin of a certificate of non-payment. After a new presentation, the bank will automatically send you a new certificate. Notification or meaning to the shooter by a bailiff or department command worth paying. If the bailiff does not receive payment within 15 days, he commits a means of enforcement (seizure of bank accounts, seizure of wages). It is also possible to sue for fraud before the administrative tribunal, or to bring an action for court proceedings or trade.

Safety: Basic rules

To avoid such troubles, the merchant must always conduct some audits. First reflex: each payment by check, ask for a room identity. “Check if the photo size, age and signature match the client and the data recorded on the hoary”. If in doubt, you can request a second proof. Do not forget to note the number of the identity card to the back of the check, because in case of misuse, it will prove that you have made your checks. Indeed, if the discharge is due to theft, a trader who has not verified the identity, for example, can be recognized in part responsible for the non-payment.

Your client says mandated by the account holder? It should in principle provide a letter of proxy. Be especially careful when checks from another department because counterfeiters rarely operate in the department of the drawer or the holder of the account. Remember that it is perfectly legal to refuse payment by check, from the moment you are not a member of a management center. Then you must inform your customers by posting.

Boomerang, a shop of ready-to-wear , has chosen to adopt this radical solution. “Irregular checks accounted for approximately 3% of turnover. And it was in s’ amplifying! “Remembers  the store manager. Customers are not as deserted shop, most of which understand this decision. “And if some have no other means of payment and as we know, we still accept their checks …” , moderates shopping.

Use the electronic security

But there are alternatives to this extreme solution. To fight against the use of fraudulent checks, the Bank of France has implemented Vérifiance a check verification service (see box below practice). Continuously fed by banks and the National Call Centre lost or stolen checks, Vérifiance includes over 25 million citations. But if you use this service, you are required to inform your customers, by posting, purposes and characteristics of the processing carried out, as well as their rights of access, rectification and opposition. If this technique is effective, it is not 100% reliable. “File is updated constantly, but there may be delays, for example between the bank and quarantine entry of this information in the file, “says Françoise Gagnier (Mantis). Another limitation: it is impossible to verify whether the account is provisioned. Moreover, if the green light despite the file, the settlement of a check is refused, no warranty is provided.

To overcome this drawback, some private companies and banks have a mandate from subcontracting with Vérifiance. According to Guy-Noël Pasquelot, Commercial Director Antygone, check guarantee company, these organizations often offer more guarantees to their customers: “We file access check verification irregular but we work from our own files where we identify the debit balances of our customers. We also scoring, ie we detect suspicious behavior: for example, a buyer who uses a lot of checks called ufambants “, that is to say, given when banks are closed.” Antygone also monitors and evaluates banking habits supply accounts. ‘If, despite all these checks, the check is not paid, we Let’s get to the merchant and we take care of judicial recovery. “service that necessarily a cost to a trader receiving thirty checks each month, an average of 50 euros, the subscription costs 50 euros per month. “Just one of these fraudulent checks is to make this profitable,” said Guy-Noël Pasquelot.


Make checks

File verification checks irregular verification -FNCI is available for a quarterly or annual subscription. There are different packages depending on the type of structure and the number of checks per month audited. Control is effected through an editor-reader that reads the check number, then queries the FNCI. You will get a response code indicating color you if the check is valid, if a formula is stolen, or if the track is unreadable. This operation takes no more than six seconds. It is also possible to consult the FNCI Internet. Control is longer since you must enter the check number. Finally, for consultations exceptional Vérifiance set up a telephone consultation.

Here is a simulation of a merchant fee for receiving less than 4,000 checks per month and subscribing for the first time directly through Vérifiance:

– Package includes 30 consultations Vérifiance Integral File: 19 euros per quarter (0.17 euro for each additional consultation HT).

– Rent a publisher and reader checks: 17 euros per month Crédit Mutuel Prices .

Installation on site: 120 € HT Source: French Banking Federation – 2007. .

Fee: 15 euros HT. Total annual first year (without further consultation): 415 euros HT. Total annual second year (without further consultation): 280 euros HT.

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